Cape May, NJ

DESATNICK REAL ESTATE's Cape May office is located at The First Light in Town in the heart of Historic Cape May NJ.

The City of Cape May is the Nation’s Oldest Seashore Resort and has been designated a National Historic Landmark. Its earliest inhabitants date back to the 17th Century and since that time, the demand for the Jersey Shore lifestyle has increased exponentially during the past 400 years.

Today, Cape May and its surrounding areas offer residents and visitors alike many amenities and attractions that allow for the carefree way of life of years past. Whether relaxing on a veranda, strolling though the picturesque tree-lined streets, lounging at the beach, or preparing for a boating excursion from one of the East Coast’s safest harbor ports, Cape May offers the options for the step back in time and peaceful tranquility to escape from reality.